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Hello :wave:

Our development team is looking to expand - we’re currently a small two man team and we’re looking to onboard a new developer. I’m not the owner of the server, but the lead developer so I’ve been tasked with finding a suitable developer to join our team!

There isn’t a massive list of requirements, we would just like a keen developer who’s eager to dig into a new area of FiveM scripting.

There isn’t any massive development experience requirement either, we’re happy if you’re just only been developing for a few months or have many years experience.

A little bit about the server:

  • We’re a futuristic Cyberpunk2077 themed server. We have loads of custom scripts, MLO’s and other nifty bits that we’d love for you to see.
  • We’ve got an alpha player base ready for our ALPHA release - but we’re currently getting the server ready for a “release” so they haven’t seen too much of the server yet.
  • We’ve got a discord with 230+ members in & we’re growing quickly since our trailer just a few weeks ago.

If this interests you - pop me a message on dcord @ apollostudios or right here on the forums.


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