Hiring Dev For Our Last Stretch Till Beta Release (Not Much Else Needs To Be Done) (ESX)

Our time has come to almost release what we call a perfectly content scripted server for streamers/content creators around.

The goal of this project was brought up to me and a friend who have joined almost every server out there (not including vmenu servers) from whitelisted to popular to dead servers and we just saw so many problems with them for common sense things servers should have.

Our server is in need of a Dev to stick around and grow as a community and show off your work
and brain storm unique ideas to bring to our server that catches the eye of all sorts of RP’ers
We will be releasing soon in beta/testing phase and if you need a mature community leaders with dreams to make one of the top 10 whitelisted servers out there (whitelisting when the community grows of course) we will be doing discord whitelisting for now till full whitelisting to keep our community safe for content creators/streamers around.

Our server is full ESX Built With No Pixel 2.0 And 3.0 Like Third Eye and Inventory That were remade for ESX (yes real original)
but we believe this is what people love to see since no one can get into NP its all simple easy scripts for people to use and making RP so much easier and cleaner looking.

if your a dev wanting to join us dont expect to have a already built community to leech off of we are doing a pop up server that is nearly perfectly scripted that should of been done to begin with.

As Of Now We Have No Script Errors So Very Little Things Need To Get Added/Edited To Our Liking
Must be over 20+ with experience with ESX
The Server Is Constantly Being Worked On And We Want To Release In A State To Where We Think Its Ready To Release.

Forum Post Will Get Posted To Grow The Community In A Couple Days From The Other Owner
To Start Beta Testing And Get Feedback For You Guys. Anyway Sorry For Long Thread Hope To See You Soon <3

i currently have a ESX server

I currently have my own ESX server that I personally have working on to be NP based, please feel free to DM me on discord Pain#0420 My profile pic is a man with a budweiser box on his head as a helmet.

still looking for a dev ^^^^^^^ that kid above this post screwed us and wiped our vps and dipped out says he knows no pixel devs and had 7 years of experience when i saw the vps history he was using already made scripts and frameworks.

if u need help with the server and db message me on discord Luna Storm [5S_406 Bobby S.]#0480

good timing i was just checking up on my forum post ^.^
Added you

Add me and we can talk


still looking for a dev ^.^ will be rewarded for your time.

I do Web Development, if your ever looking for a great website let me know, i also know how to setup esx servers. Z.Pretzel#4572

Would like to have a talk with u Tyler Moose#6227

Revived the forum post


Still Looking.
Please dont ask me to add you just to sell me your framework/scripts

Still Looking For Dev To Help Us Release Our Server.
We are in need of a long term dev who wants to get his name out there for creating a dream.
we plan on sticking with this project for the long haul from marketing our server to getting content creators/promoting out server we will never let this idea die out.

Please dont add me to sell your scripts/frameworks i will not purchase them.

–updated post we switched to ESX framework so no one has to learn a framework----
Still searching for a dev :slight_smile:

Hey would like to speak to you about this if you could add me on discord so we could chat Jacob H.#0666

Still Looking for a dev :frowning:

still looking for a dev or even a quick help for these last 3 scripts
will be compensated for your time

I would love to know more information: Discord - JrK#8463

sorry for reviving this post so many times
its hard to find a dev wanting to grow and show off with us :frowning:

still looking.