HighStakesRP | Looking to join a new city? | Want to do the first ever Cayo Perico heist? | https://discord.io/HighStakesRP

HighStakesRP | Serious/Fun RP | Whitelisted Jobs | Customizable Housing | Custom Cars | PD/EMS Jobs | Custom Scripts | Cayo Perico Heist | discord.io/highstakesrp

We are officially announcing the launch of a brand new server to fivem.
This server is aimed at having fun in a realistic playground. With over 100+ custom scripts such as, player housing, custom cars, bank robberies, dozens of legal and illegal jobs and a very first ever Cayo Perico Heist! We have been working on this server for a couple weeks now and we are proud to say that it is ready for the public.

:hamburger: | Burgershot
:hamburger: | Mcdonalds
:doughnut: | Food & Drink
:red_car: | Custom Cars
:house_with_garden: | Custom MLO’s
:vertical_traffic_light: | Racing Script
:tshirt: | Custom Clothing
:desert_island: | Cayo Perico Heist
:moneybag: | Crypto Mining
:iphone: | Custom Phone(With Vale)
:houses: | Relator Job
:oncoming_police_car: | LSPD
:ambulance: | EMS
:man_mechanic: | Mechanics
And many more awesome jobs/features

Custom Casino :bank:

Custom Cars :red_car:

Cayo Perico :desert_island:

Custom LSC :man_mechanic:

Custom PDM :blue_car:

Mcdonalds :hamburger:

Wanna join?
Here is our discord: HighStakesRP

What the city looks like?
CIty Trailer


AWESOME! I’m going to make sure to join the discord!

So cool, im making sure i join up!

This is dope! Ill be joining the discord as well! :wink:

Such a cool server, some amazing scripts. you’ll always find something something to do on HighStakes RP.

Great server and great people