HighSpeedGaming Server not on the list

hello everyone i just wanna know why you deleted highspeedgaming from the server list this guys are paying you to have the server on!! and its on of the most serius and awesome roleplay servers because a developer banned from their server ??? so what rules is for everyone not fair at all im just saying you should add the server back to the list!

Umm. I’m not sure of the backstory behind this but servers are free to host (unless you pay for dedicated hosting from a third party, which FiveM has nothing to do with.)

If the server is listed as public it will show on the master list. If the server is not on the master list, that means it is set to private and users must use direct connect. Only the server owner can change this.

According to their website you have to use direct connect, meaning they have the server set to private.

Nobody is paying us to host any servers.

What? No, they have been delisted because their removal of hardcap causes people to come to us with the errors (‘Failed to connect to session provider’) caused by removing hardcap.

None of the developers have ever even played on their server, so I have no idea how any of them could have been banned.

Is this something that was done manually? Is there any other conditions that must be met for a server to be (un)listed?

That’s is decided by a server owner , not by following steps…

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and it should have been done manually

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@WDiaz [quote=“cerium, post:3, topic:7967”]
they have been delisted because their removal of hardcap

I’m speaking to regard of this.