We have been getting some nice traction in the discord come see what we got to offer before launch were still looking for a eup and graphics team!




In need of SAST and vehicle team Join the discord for more info!

We are looking for capable leadership for police! Join our Discord now and speak to HighRoller RP Leads!

Looking For Leadership for our PD dept!

bump new framework!

The transition to ESX is almost complete and we would love to hear your feed back on things to add / remove / fix. We appreciate your feedback and want to build a community that everyone can enjoy.

Feel free to connect by typing
connect cfx.re/join/98geoy
in your F8 console or searching TangoRP in the server list!

Thank you!

Really enjoyed the server been looking for a fun server that isnโ€™t a wannabe NoPixel and this was it. Hop on the server and check it out yourself I promise you wont be disappointed!

Hey guys just giving yall a update we have been working out the kinks and bugs and its really coming along great hop into the city to see what we have been working on!


Bump! We are starting to get a good amount of police officers, we are still looking for EMS and other whitelisted factions.

Whitelisted gang applications will start soon, watch out for that!

Honestly this is a very good server with better mechanics than most fivem servers, all its missing is a good solid player base.

We have split from the TangoWorldWide network of gameservers and are now running under our own full ownership with the exact same team as before!

Join our new Discord at http://discord.hr-rp.com/

We are well into closed beta and have seen amazing growth! Weโ€™re now at almost 250 members in our Discord and weโ€™ve set an in-game player record of 22 and daily average high of 15-18 every day since launch on the 15th of May. If youโ€™re looking for a new serious RP server, consider giving us a shot, as we continue to grow every day!

We have been receiving amazing feedback and are continuing to listen to the community get in before the closed beta ends so we can take input before we go live!

The closed beta is now finished and we are open to the public for a public beta test! The only requirement is you join our discord at:


To connect, search for HighRoller in FiveM or use the connect link:
connect hr-rp.com

Bump 20 players online currently!

We have had a ton of awesome new members join lately, join our Discord and FiveM server to get in on the action!