High Stakes Lion's RP 3.0 | original Japanese island | Whitelist | 18+ | 150 player slots

Welcome to new High Stakes Lion's RP 3.0!




  1. Introduction, reason behind creation

  2. How it works

  3. Community

  4. Japan based island

  5. Tebex store

  6. Admin team and server’s security

  7. What do we expect from YOU

  8. What can you expect from US


I’ve created High Stakes server on FiveM platform early in 2018, in need for private playground after being tired of R* servers infested with hackers and DLCs I just didn’t like (yes, everywhere flying, rockets shooting Opressors, I am looking at you). I was very excited about videos from DOJ servers, but was frustrated with the restrictions of the player movement, cop-to-win practices and car handling, which has been arcady or simply bad.

And the very idea that I could possibly make something between Need For Speed Underground and the very DOJ seen on FiveM just couldn’t make me fall asleep.

I’ve rolled up my sleeves and started from the scratch. Why High Stakes? Simply because it describes perfectly the way we lead our server. We encourage thinking outside of the box, there is no cop-to-win logic and we really appreciate and reward skill over rank or ego! Skilled and experienced players will get what they deserve (both for LEOs and criminals) and in my experience so far, they are more likely to help others (at least in our community). Also, we have started as community dedicated to illegal street racing, but after some time,

I’ve decided to go for full RP - why not have it all in one place, when you know how? :slight_smile:


We also don’t use any trainers, as we simply can do everything via our scripts and therefore want to support RP in best possible way. New ExM framework works pretty well, is optimized and we intend to also keep it that way. Same for any assets such as cars or maps, we always do our best to optimize them as much as possible for the smoothest gameplay.

Simply said, we go for semi-realistic feeling and trying to make everything user-friendly and intuitive.

Get a job

  • Pick on of many handpicked legal jobs available

    • Trucker
    • Taxi driver
    • Garbage man
    • Forklift driver
  • or whitelisted ones

    • LSPD
    • EMS
    • LS Mechanics
    • Benny’s

    and more


Or go on shady way of life

  • Tired of living a decent citizen life? I guess you will go rob stores, ATMs or will go directly work for local crime organization, since you could steal high profile vehicles or distributing hacking devices to other players! Or will old fashioned selling drugs to players or NPCs will satisfy your inner needs and your wallet?

Get you first car, rice it up

  • You will definitely choose one of many customizable vehicles (we have already an extensive list of ones that we want to make sure will work as intended, will get livery support and are gonna be optimized as possible) we have to offer, each with handcrafted and our original handling (addons)
  • And you will definitely fall in love with our Drift button, which does EXACTLY what you would expect :slight_smile:
  • ALL of our car models that have tuning options, have them here as well!


Here’s little taste of what it’s like to work for our Fire department!

Also, racing on Nürburgring? Absolutely no problem!

  • Buy yourself a nice apartment or house, invite your friends over, have some deserved relax!

  • Play as Law Enforcement Officer like on DOJ servers! We have full support for our police officers in Los Santos, if you’re gonna be whitelisted as LEO, you will get to choose from 3 base police vehicle models (Ford Crown Victoria, Chevrolet Impala or Ford Interceptor sedan). As your rank will grow, you will have bigger salary, an opportunity to buy your own police car.
    Your will be citizen’s first assistance, that’s why we expect certain code you will approach everyone. Don’t have an experience? If you will show us will to learn and follow, we will reward you with great time on High Stakes!

Even after closure in December 2019, our core community stayed in touch. Around April 2020, I offered to Wanted188 help with publishing his car conversions. Mostly promotional screenshots and videos. To mutual satisfaction, we welcomed him in our Community and later on he decided to make vehicles primarily for High Stakes, together with his following of people that he teaches how the job is suppose to be done! Doesn’t matter, if you’re seasoned or complete beginner, if you will join us, we can walk you through the basics and help you to perfect your own projects into tiniest details!


Japan aka “Japanese roads project

This is actually the main reason why we are reopening now, in September 2020. After lockdown, in March earlier this year, I was looking for anything to do, as my previous plans completely blew away. So, I decided to start with something I never had really time for. 3D modeling.

And since people from my closed community have been still asking time to time and teasing me, if I wouldn’t reopen, I decided that if not now, then never!

So, after two months of fetching data from Google maps, learning with Blender, experimenting, first porting attempts and updating the server, playable version of Akina has finally arrived! Island is reachable from mainland via purchasable boat or plane. It’s an RP server, after all!

More info on our website

Bird’s view on Akina (playable alpha)

Private release of Mk3 Supra tailored for High Stakes by Wanted188


This time around, we have new Tebex rewards options! How does that work? Simple use your FiveM forum account to log into Tebex and take a look into our webstore what we can offer to our contributors.

This reward system was actually designed by our own community members. We want to make life easier to our donors while simultaneously keeping them engaged in RP gameplay!


We will add more rewards as the server will expand in the future.

Do you have another interesting idea? Join our Discord and let us know!


  • We are a growing team of dedicated people working our best to bring the best possible gameplay
  • We are also going for quality and stability rather then quantity - and adding resources according to this way.
  • We do optimizing of resources with positive results and trying to prevent problems, rather then fixing after they will show up.
  • We take security and gameplay comfort for our players as highest priority, that’s why we use several techniques and scripts that complement each other in order to prevent hackers and other non-sense in an intelligent and HW efficient way!
  • Admins and moderators are playing incognito, we do not support any “admin-vehicle” or “admin-job” idea. We want nothing more but smooth and immersing gameplay!


  • Following the server rules, as stated here
  • To follow our in-game laws, if not, you will be punished accordingly (in-game fines, jail)


  • Full dedication and no empty promises!
  • Regular and exciting events for both experienced and new players!

Thank you, if you read it all the way here! I hope I will meet you soon and here is few screens I’ve found on our



For server whitelist application, visit our






Attempted to join your discord and the link is invalid.


Thank you for letting me know, link has been corrected by :wink:


When you are having some fun with yo boi and the 5-0 rolls in. ;/


Hello do you have a Discord server I can join ?


Some of my videos made on the server showing off the drift script, and I intend to make more in the future! Let’s go team.


Just a video of me drifting in in this server, it’s really fun y’all!


'chutin away into the sunset!


They ban you because you don’t want to give away personal information.

I as a EU citizen have the General Data Protection Regulation as a law, by my side for data protection and privacy. They don’t seem to want to accept that, so they just ban you.

I have already gone “ghost” in my country, the only ones that can see if I am legal, or even exist is my country’s government and anyone having their hands of my Identification Card.

My mother works as a lawyer, if this information is incorrect. I am sorry and shall ask her again.


Which is funny, because we don’t expect you to give us any sensitive informations at all. Well, if your Discord (that we can already look up, since you’re joined our server) and email (which, as said, is being needed for in-game CAD system) and Steam for whitelist (also as a form of additional player-quality check) are your idea for sensitive informations, then you’ve made not just my day…

Why am I even writing this here anyway. Well, probably because you just like to waste everybody’s time. Probably that’s why you and your friend have been banned from your previous server (as you both admitted right after joining our Discord, which btw. was hilarious on it’s own).

By the words of your mom, we ban you because we can and we want to. Since this is just wasting of everybody’s time. Next time, if you don’t agree with something, it’s fine. Walk away. Good luck with your ghosting, lol.


Not sensitive information, these are public for anyone to get. It’s not like I can hide this in any way.


Beach photo session with the new rides!


Discord is invalid


That’s strange, @DJJefferson_jefferso . It worked for us just now.

You can try it from our web page

Btw., we don’t recruit staff, but if you will stick around, we could think of some interesting gameplay roles for you. Luckily, we don’t need traditional staff like on other servers.




This is probaly the highest Quality Server ever made