High Stakes Lion's RP 3.0 | custom Japan island | Whitelist | 18+

Can’t wait for these ricy bois to be finished!

Akina will introduce soon new, very needed update!

This is by far the best server ive ever played it is really fast growing, it has a good community, and really good LSPD/EMS id suggest this server to anyone that is looking for a good economy based sever there are active admins and server helpers always willing to help when you need something.

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“I’m gonna outrun the cop”

At least, that’s what I thought!

Akina is updated to playable 0.5 version!!

Quentin has made some questionable decisions in his life

How do i join

Here’s the link for whitelist application, so you can get access to the server

Speedy night!

You aren’t so tough now, officer, are you?

Many brought their friends!

Those bulletproof windows on PD vehicles worries me

New EMS update

LSPD intervenes in bank robberies

New vehicle swaps guide and hydraulics!

Last update was literally the best decision so far

this server is by far 1 of my favorite servers to play on there are activce admin and active LEO if anyone is looking for a good economy server this is definetly the server for you

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We want our server and players to be as much up to date as possible. If there’s a better alternative out there for anything, we’re gonna do our best to use it! And I’m not talking only about vehicle models.

On top of that, I’m very excited about the team behind High Stakes as we know them today! We all contribute fair share of our work into this project!