High Rise Roleplay Economy | Serious RP I Customizable Housing | Player Owned Businesses | OPEN APPLICATIONS | HIRING NOW! | NEED CONTENT CREATORS! |


Are you tired of the servers ran by children (maturity isn’t defined by age) or communities who only put their ideas into the server! Where anyone can be a cop. We are a young, whitelisted roleplay server with years of experience. We do not limit your imagination or creativity. We offer a full-bodied training so in turn our members are able to provide in-depth and incomparable roleplay for all of our members! Our training and roleplay are aided by our vast selection of quality assets, real life LEO and years of roleplay experience. Our community supports, teaches, cares and is always there for you like a family. Well, that’s because we are a family.

Maryland Sheriff’s Office
Maryland State Police
Maryland County Police
Maryland Communications
Maryland Fire Department
Civilian Department

→ Whitelisted Community
→ Dedicated Development Team
→ QBcore Framework (Optimized for Peak Performance)
→ Sonoran Community Management System
→ Custom EUP
→ Custom MLO’s
→ Custom LEO Uniforms, Duty Belts, Guns and MORE!
→ Custom Leo Vehicle Packs & Liveries
→ Many more Paid Assets

Clear and working mic
Legal and Valid copy of GTA V
Follow Rules & Regulations
Dedicated, Mature and Teachable


Hi mate sent you a message on discord!

Come join our upon coming server!

Although I can not offer ownership or anything, I can offer a possibly high staff position and supervisor position in my department (BCSO). You may contact me on discord rsatemp#7174

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Dude what happened to y’all community doing well lol?

Looking for department heads!

Looking For Chief of police!

Looking For Staff!

Looking forward to to see you all here!

Looking for department heads!

Great upcoming city!

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Looking for Staff!

Still looking for, department heads, staff and more!

Great Server , Still looking to recruit more civilians. :slight_smile: :+1: