High Noon RP ★ Serious RP ★ ENG/18+ ★ Realistic Economy ★ 1895 ★ Open & Whitelisted ★ Community Based

                                Howdy y'all!

My name is Katie (but you’ll see everyone refer to me as Stella) and I wanted to invite you to our community of High Noon RP. High Noon RP is a new RedM server that started development on January 25th, 2021 and is still actively being improved and developed. My partner and I decided to pursue this project because we wanted to create a place for quality story-building for the community that also prides itself on being a community project.

Some of the features we are significantly proud of are:

★ Set in 1895 to allow us to grow into 1899.
★ Bathing with a fun surprise!
★ Home ownership (with customizable interiors!) and store ownership for those wanting to establish roots.
★ Blackmarket butchers, blackmarket fencers, and blackmarket doctors.
★ Gunsmiths to craft the weapon of your dreams.
★ Ingame telegram and bounty board system to get away with the reliability of Discord for quick communication.
★ Horse trainers can help bring out the personality of your trusty stead.
★ Berry pickin’, wood choppin’, ore minin’, gold pannin’… we got you covered!
★ Postal jobs and delivery jobs for those needin’ to make a quick buck.
★ Hunting seasons for when those pesky critters start getting too pesky.

We have more features available like an extensive clothing list, a barbershop, emotes and props, and more to come!


★ A friendly face will great you as soon as you join.
★ A staff team that is readily available to assist, advocate, and encourage.
★ A developer that has several years of experience with coding and scripting to help create the vision we have.
★ Owners that want to bring the voices of the community forward when making decisions.
★ An artist alley for those in the community accepting commissions.
★ A shared desire to create beautiful, organic, and serious stories amongst the players.
★ A community building channel to encourage integration and kinship between communities like RedM servers, FiveM, Rust, DayZ, Arma, etc.

You aren’t just a number. You’re a family member. A friend. A voice.


★ Prefer the criminal life? We have various opportunities for gangs, crime families, and the freelance criminal. Robberies (person, bank, stagecoaches), moonshine, extortion, and drug dealing. You’re only limited by your creativity.
★ Always wanted to own a business? Our judges are quick to approve business licenses so you can work towards the American Dream!
★ Want to be a Pinkerton, a Marshal, or private security? We got you covered and always need more for the Department of Justice; corruption allowed.
★ Want to represent the people of Dorado? Campaign for Mayor or a District Representative!
★ Got that healing touch? Doctors needed with room to grow into specialties!
★ Got that other special touch? Become a sporting guy or gal and bring the oldest profession to the West – always ToS friendly.

Several other opportunities available for businesses, jobs, and roleplay!


We are hoping to find another skilled developer that can assist that has some skill with C# and LUA to help with adding content and maintaining script quality as we expand. Contact nerdydolly#4613 on Discord if interested!


Our social media team wants to encourage sharing moments of roleplay from the server to the world.

★ We will have a TikTok to share clips made by our community members for those who want to share.
★ We have an incredibly active Discord where the heart of the server is held.

We here at High Noon RP look forward to meeting you and we hope you’ll stop by, say “hello!”, and become one with our community. Click to join our Discord below!

We have been launched now since February. We have gone through ups and downs but we are always looking forward to new people and new friends and their stories!

October 1st, 2022
I decided to share some of the screenshots we have from our amazing community!


Due to the developer closing the server down while I was attending to my brother’s funeral, we are in need of another dev to help us get going and with maintaining the server. We have a basic knowledge of LUA, but we are having some issues getting our feet back under us after the unexpected shut down.

If a dev happens to read this and would like to help out a great community of friends and RPers, please contact me on discord. C2DT#8403

As C2DT has mentioned above, we are still seeking a developer that is experienced in working with RedM specifically. Please reach out! Our community is looking forward to getting back to their RP.

+REP to theese two!

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Thank you!

Just an update here to bump this thread.

The server is back online.

This is still a great community. The roleplay is really nice. Most of the community really enjoys large complex stories. This community as a whole has definitely done their research and all are friendly and willing to teach even if you’re new. It’s such an amazing community. Hop on the server and come say hi!

Our community is still growing, and we’re getting back to an even more stable spot than we were before we were unceremoniously shut down.

New features are being added very frequently, and community input is valued.

Please come join us for some fun!

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Adding more and more to the server all the time. :slight_smile:
Come join us!

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We are still a very active server that is always accepting new friends! Come hangout with us, participate in the many events we put on, and get into the West.

Most recent update:

  • Opened up the server to non-whitelisted individuals who join the Discord.
  • Added more NPC jobs and things to do for the locals.
  • Restricted LEO and Doctor jobs to whitelisted individuals.
  • Exclusive wild pets.
  • Homeownership galore!