Hi im looking to join a fun chill rp community Also im very new to rp

im new to rp im looking for a server with custom cars ,casino player driven businesses stuff like that and just a friendly community im 20. Im looking for it to be my main.

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Come check out Project Rogue! We just opened up on 1/15/21 but are not new to the industry! We have so much to offer! Join our discord to get started!


Check us out, We have been around for almost a year now and have lots to offer. If you have any questions feel free to ask

Hello! Why don’t you check out Core Roleplay? :smile:
Core Role-play is a friendly, serious, and economy driven role-play community. Our goal is to have a fun and immersive environment for all of our players, with rich character stories and enjoyable features. Core is a soft-whitelisted server, meaning everyone has to be in the discord server to be able to play. We have an active development team that strives to create a unique experience and a dedicated staff that bring years of experience from all types of backgrounds and games.

Our Favourite Features:
Stable Infinity Server
Realistic Economy Balancing
Realistic Vehicle Handling
Character Customization with Custom Features
Player Owned Houses and Businesses
Custom Vehicles & Liveries
Custom Legal & Illegal Jobs
Special Whitelisted Jobs
Hidden Illegal Activities
Robberies & Heists
Financing For Houses, Businesses, and Cars!
Optimised Coding
…and more!

Unique Jobs: Always open for hire!
Weazel News
Bean Machine
Luxury Autos
Burger Shot
Pearl’s Seafood
…and many more!

Come join our discord if you’re interested!
Discord: https://discord.gg/coreroleplay
Website: https://www.core-roleplay.com
Twitter: https://twitter.com/coreroleplay
Our forum: Core Roleplay | Serious RP | Realistic Economy | www.core-roleplay.com

Join NorthslopeRP we are about 62 members right now and trying to grow. we are a fun realistic community looking to hire a fire head and more Leo’s. We are not like most servers, we spent the last few years developing and perfecting our framework. The server is ran by personnel over 18. Investors help keep our infrastructure up and running. we have a expansive map and LOTS of opportunities for Role-play. To be honest if you cant role-play what we have then i don’t know what to tell you. Come check us out: https://discord.gg/northslope

Hey! S1RP is a fairly new community that is actively recruiting any and all members above the age of 16! Check us out here!

WASTED RP is looking for a community and is growing fast with new members joining every day, at our current rate we will hit around 100 this month and 20 next month, if you can please join and invite friends