Here is the Fix for 7gb update Errors(Stick this topic :))

Hello guys ,

i’ve seen a lot of people experiencing this update error. Especially for Pirated users. Its not because your using Pirated Gta V , Its because that some of the dlcpacks in your Gta 5 is missing.
So I made a video tutorial to fix it : REMOVED

please stick this topic because it will help many players
it will also work on legit users.

Some of the common errors includes
alt text
alt text
and many others

For legit users, we only have one thing we need to do, update our game by running the game or verifying game data with steam. There is no reason to download from elsewhere so sorry but watch the link get removed from your post and topic locked because piracy isn’t supported here.

Legit users would never need this. So this is a piracy support topic.

Link removed & Post locked