Help with trainer

I can not get any trainer to work at all i need some help fixing it please.

Make sure you follow the requirements of the trainer. (Scripthook, er-config, etc)

I,ve done that but I cant get any trainer to work

Post more information, trainers cant just NOT work, they are simple to install.

I’m using the Lambda menu I,ve put the LambdaMenu.asi in my plugins folder and lm-config.xml to the fivem directory but when I start up fivem in my server nothing works

Make sure the server you are playing on does not have ScriptHook disabled.

Alright How would I do that

If it’s your own server, check the settings to make sure. If it’s someone else’s server, chances are if it doesn’t work, then ScriptHook is disabled.

Thanks got it working I was getting really mad at it.