Help with streaming custom vehicle names/hashes

Hey all,
I have been working on developing a server for a while now and I have figured out a lot based off of the tutorials here on the forums. The question I have is this: how would I go about streaming a global.oxt (or similar) file from the server side? I am trying to add vehicle make and model names to the game for quite a few add on vehicles and I know that for single player DLCs its as simple as generating the hashes for the words I want and adding them to a global.oxt file, but for the life of me I can’t figure out how to make the custom vehicle names work for FiveM. Thanks!

Found out the answer. I need to create a vehicle_names.lua file and then reference that file within my __resource.lua by calling it a client_script. If anyone finds this topic and needs more detail feel free to ask.

I need more detail @custommuscle; Can you show an example, of how you’ve generated the hash for the vehicle, as well as how it’s being called?

thanks papa! :d

This would be really good to know how to do in detail, there is not much information on how to do so

Dead thread but I couldn’t find an answer so thought I’d post the solution. Doesn’t seem like FiveM can stream .oxt files so simply place this in a client script with the name or hash you’d like to change.


	AddTextEntry("WTU_PIST_50", "Desert Eagle")
	AddTextEntryByHash(0xDB4388E4, "Jet Ski")