Help with SQL result

Hi ! I’m having issues with selecting only one Column of my databse. I’ll show some screenshots of my database.

I want to select only “unite” for the current player (with identifier). The SQL query works fine, but it will only return “table” if I do print(result)
Here is my script

TriggerEvent(‘es:addCommand’, ‘sqltest’, function(source, args, user)

table.remove(GetPlayerIdentifiers(source), 1)
steamID = table.concat(GetPlayerIdentifiers(source), “”)

local executed_query = MySQL:executeQuery(“SELECT unite FROM users WHERE identifier = '”… steamID … “’”)
local result = MySQL:getResults(executed_query, {‘unite’})



the answer should be 2 but it will return table.

try select * from users
and then do result[“unite”]

It would be
local executed_query = MySQL:executeQuery(“SELECT * FROM users WHERE identifier = '”… steamID … “’”)
local result = MySQL:getResults(executed_query)