Help with Scripting for fivem

is there guides for scripting for LUA also for fivem, I tried getting devs for my server to script for me but its a waste of time for me.

@roboticgamer I’ve watched videos, read books and it left me even more confused. I started looking at various codes and natives and just dove in. I’m far from a developer, but three weeks ago I knew nothing. Now I know a bit and learning more everyday. Make backups and don’t be afraid to try things. Trial and error is a process.

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what kind of scripts are you trying to do? The best way to learn is to read basic Lua then compare it to some of the scripts that are already released. I will say to learn all the loops and how to make if, elseif, and else statments. Plus I would just mess with some of the natives in the natives DB to see what those return. Heres the native database -

The scripts I want seemed to be very complicated and this is why I needed a scripter, but if I take my time with learning I may in the future make much more advanced scripts.

I have read a couple of your topics and it’s not that they are complicated its just it would take a lot of time to script them to the way they need to be.

I like to help some people with basic scripting but don’t expect to jump on right away. It takes a lot of time to do some of these scripts. I am nowhere an expert but I know my way around. If you have any question just message me.