Im not sure what is wrong with my five M but it say [Window Title]
FiveM Fatal Error

[Main Instruction]
FiveM has encountered an error

Component manifest mismatch in component scripthookv.dll. You likely overwrote scripthookv.dll from FiveM with a non-FiveM version of it. Delete caches.xml to restore from this heinous act.

If you require immediate support, please visit and mention the details in this window.

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[Expanded Information]
Crash ID: 2f11da70-4fa2-4521-b8a2-6d4cc80f37d6

I dont know what to do with this

Hi James1,
This is happening because you probably have another scripthookv.dll in your Original GTA V game folder. All you have to do to fix this is take all scripthookv files out of the original GTA V folder and it should work again. I suggest putting them on your desktop so you can put them back if you need them for single player.