Help with an error any time i load a mod

So I’ve been working on a mask and I got everything completed on the modeling side, getting it converted to a ydd and the proper ytd, everything has proper skel attached, weights, etc… and everything on that end is good. When I went to load it, no matter how I try my game crashes. After going through multiple tutorials and asking for advice all over I went back to square one and tried just loading in a very simple, already completed mask off 5Mods and I get the same exact crash. For clarity, I’ve tried EUP and I can load the uniforms that come with that but I can’t stream additional clothes outside of the ones included, I’ve tried GTAUtil, I’ve packaged with YMTEditor, also tried with ■■■■. I’ve gone the codewalker route, I’ve gone the openIV route… no matter what it runs fine without a mod and crashes with… Also I have only one slot enabled so I stay in the dev zone for testing on my local. Here’s the crashlogs. Any help would be appreciated and I’ll provide any additional info asked. :

[Window Title]
Error GTA5_b1604.exe!sub_141332D2C (0x34)

[Main Instruction]
GTA5_b1604.exe!sub_141332D2C (0x34)

An error at GTA5_b1604.exe!sub_141332D2C (0x34) caused FiveM to stop working. A crash report is being uploaded to the FiveM developers.

Legacy crash hash: high-river-mountain
Stack trace:
GTA5_b1604.exe!sub_141332D2C (0x34)
GTA5_b1604.exe!sub_1408B46C0 (0x101)
GTA5_b1604.exe!sub_1406BCD04 (0x407)
GTA5_b1604.exe!sub_1405111B4 (0x426)
GTA5_b1604.exe!sub_140517CCC (0x13b)
GTA5_b1604.exe!sub_1415B373C (0x9c)
GTA5_b1604.exe!_renderFrameDrawList (0xbd)

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[Expanded Information]
Crash signature: GTA5_b1604.exe+1332D60
Report ID: si-6e406ba5a7234e8faf553007d498db83
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self bumping to see if anyone can help here. I’ve done pretty much everything I can’t think of on my end to get this working following every tutorial i could but no dice. any help would be appreciated. thanks