[Help] Why wont my server start? (CitizenFX posted, no apparent errors)

There is the F8 console when it freezes. It just stays there forever. VERY occasionally the server will actually let people in and it’ll be perfectly fine til restart.

This is ESX based but I’m pretty certain it isn’t any of the scripts I’ve added as I disabled them all and it only worked once from doing that, every other time it did the exact same thing.

EDIT: Logs are here, absolutely no errors: https://pastebin.com/8SX5NXxB

Please post your whole log and fill out the Technical Support template

The problem may be that your missing your spawnpoints, do you have fivem-map-skater or any other map resource?

The thing is, when the server works, it works perfectly well. And yes, I have spawnpoints all set up.

I’ve been running the server 3-4 months and it has been perfectly fine. This is a new issue.

Here’s my fivem map skater

and here’s fivem map hipster

You need my CitizenFX.log?

Here is the logs I can find: https://pastebin.com/pnt9jWxs

I don’t know if this is actually help since this is from when the server actually started (after like 6 attempts)

There is more than one spawnpoint, you’ve deleted every spawn point except one. You need all the spawnpoints and you can just change the coordinates in every lind. Replace it with a new one and it will probably work

Why do you have esx_hide_hud when there is a option in the es_extended config?

Tell me if it worked

Okay so the hide hud is F9 to hide, it’s togglable.

Secondly, the spawnpoints work perfectly fine. You genuinely don’t need more than 1, I promise that isn’t the issue.

Disable the loading screen and try again

I had the same issue replacing the map fixed it

Why even have the hud when you can have your work displayed in the inventory

I tried that. Made no difference.

Okay I tried it. Same issue.

Why do you have 700+ resources, 80-180 is normal

Haha well the server runs at 70+ fps for most people. Honestly hasn’t been an issue before.

Also you have alot of errors, an example is with is_dead u seem to miss that from the database

This is what I have in the database: image

Should I rename that to is_dead?

Edit: where do you see that error?

Yes the old esx_ambulancejob has is_dead while the new one has isdead, you seem to have the old one

That explains why when people relog they are alive.

Thanks. I renamed it to is_dead. I appreciate it, thank you.

Where are you seeing these errors?