[HELP] Weapons on inventory

Anyone know about some script that turns the weapons in items, like food or drink on your inventory?
So the people can trade or create black markets on RP, actually i’m using ‘‘vRP psycho edited’’ but the weaponshop give the weapons on the GTA inventory not on the items inventory.

I’m not sure if i’m explained well xd, And sorry for my english.

vRP Psycho: [vRP Framework]-[Psycho Edited - FX 3.5]-[23/07/17]

There are no scripts which doing this actually.
But there is inventory systeme on some script and weapons support on Gta. So basically, this is possible to be done.

yes it’s possible , i already handle this on my framework , but the game mechanic doesn’t make it easy

I need this in my life please… But for ESX.

esx_weaponsync I never got it to work correctly. So, if you do please let me know!