[HELP]Vehicle tuning

Can someone help me with a vehicle tuning resource, and how can I install it (I understand something needs to be connected to the database)?

Have you tried asking the developer of the resource?

What do you mean specifically? Do you want to stream tuning parts for a car?

I would like to go save tunning and I do not know how to configure it

We need

  1. To know the name of the resource
  2. A link to the resource
  3. And do you mean handling.meta as “tuning”

1 lscustoms
2 https://www107.zippyshare.com/v/O7hANz00/file.html
3 I do not understand what you mean

This script requires a economy like framework called vRP, I’m just going to take a quick gander and say that you don’t know what that is so long story short: You can’t use the script.

ok, I’m waiting

for? 5chars