[HELP] Trying to get "streamed ped" with folder containing parts of ped working in fivem server (link to ped in question below)

This has been driving me insane!!!

I have been trying to get a ped that is structured with a yft file, ymt, and then a folder with the parts of the ped in it to work with fivem, but I am having some trouble. I believe it’s a streamed ped? because it is not like the regular peds I have added to the server before with just a few files. either way the ped in question is here

These screenshots show the folder structure that I am talking about and then the one I am able to figure out (the non streamed ped)

–(main folder of extracted archive)

–(contents of scarecrow folder with ped parts)

I know how to get peds that don’t have this folder of parts working in fivem, such as the BigGoose one by meth0d where it just has a few files but this format is driving me insane, I don’t know what to do with these files in the screenshot above

–(below is the folder structure I am able to put into fivem, I believe it’s a non-streamed ped, whereas the one I am having trouble with is a streamed ped)

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I was informed by a friend that this might require EUP to work (you need at least $15 patreon for fivem if I am not mistaken for this, which I have), so I will look into this in the coming weeks.

Didn’t work - still looking for the solution

Did you get these models to work?

Nope… sigh

Might have somewhat of a lead on this, will post back if I find more information

I will be updating this tomorrow with a solution thanks to @deterministic_bubble and @grzybeek. I happened to see a post in the discord from them back in February and it turns out I wasn’t crazy and that these peds didn’t work. They since fixed the issue however with feedback from grzy and so stay tuned for the fix

i guess you did not get the fix to work?

I sorta did but I haven’t had the time to post as I have been busy with other stuff, there’s also a minor issue where it doesn’t show the ped for others but shows for the player using the ped. Haven’t forgotten, just haven’t figured it out 100%.