[HELP] trew_hud_ui error Cannot read property classList

I’m having an error (constantly) on F8 saying:
“Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘classList’ of null (@trew_hud_ui/html/app.js:406)”

If I check on that line, it says:
if (vehicleInfo.classList.contains(‘active’)) {

So I guess it’s related with that list (vehicleInfo).
Does anyone have the same error?


Are you getting the trew_hud_ui from the GitHub? You shouldn’t get any issues if thats the case

I’ve tried with multiple app.js and client.lúa and I’m getting the same error.

Same normally have to relog if it happens cuz blocks all money etc.

Honestly I get this very same thing in my server, but it isn’t something to worry about!

You should notice trew_hud work just fine, if it really bothers you then find the original version of trew_hud on github on on here and just configure it as you wish!

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