[HELP] to Change the Loops

Hello Community

I have buy the OneSync but now i have only Problems with that… My server was before i setup onesync Amazing now i have fixed all i need just to change the Loops but i dont know how i do that correctly can anybody help me out ?

The Problem:
The Problem is i cant give nothing to another player like i cant give money, eat, weapons… when i want to do that the Server tell me that : No Players nearby
But the Players are nearby the same with the bills,cuffs…

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what do you mean by Loops?

i have the problem that i cant give nothing(money,eat,weapons…) to a player bcs the server say me no player nearby or the policeman cant cuff people bcs the same: no player nearby. but the player are nearby.

This should help you with your issues:

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Hey Community

I try it now to change the loops since 2 Days but i dont know what i make fault. Can anybody help me with that show me on Anydesk how i make it correctly ?

The Error:

The Fail is that i cant give to another Player items like money weapons… the servers tell me that no players are nearby but the player are nearby. the same with the cops the cops cant cuff players or give bills.


i have installed the OneSync but i need to change the Loops and there i have problems ( i dont know how i make it right)

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