[HELP]Streaming Mods from server

I am trying to understand the ability of streaming assets to clients on my server. So far I have been successful at streaming car mods into gta v. I was wondering, is it possible to stream asi mods as well? I was thinking of getting the emergency lighting system off of LCPDFR for gta v but I dont know the limits of what I could potentially do. Any advice would be awesome, Thanks!

Not possible I’m afraid.
Not server sided anyway.
Client side can use script hook mods.

Awe bummer. if a client had that would others see it or would it just be out of sync?

It wouldn’t sync with others if it’s a client mod.
You’ll just have to get all players to install same pluggins that is what I do for my server. I made a plugin pack that we get our users to use.

Alright, thanks for the info!

So if they have the same mods, they will see what you see?

Is there a way to upload a plugin pack, automatically from the server?

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