Help, someone pls!

Hey so im trying to find someone who can help me out with my server. Not with all of it but just help me to make my commands run you know. If someone could help me i will really apriciate!!! Thanks!!!

If you are unable to do this yourself do you really think it’s a good idea for you to run a server yourself?

You’ll have to do what we all did; and that is learn yourself I’m afraid.
No one is going to do it for you.

@frugoo Well, thats actually what im trying to do man, but i dont understand what is the problem that im having man.

you need the cmd processor and drag drop it replace the files in the system then add scripts etc but that will enable client commants sent thru chat ex /admin etc or other ones

@GanjaMonster Yea i have done that all ready and nothing happen´s, like when im on the server and i type for example /admin i get a error on the server launcher.

well that means the code itself is wrong , but also to enable chat commands you have to go to system/chat/chat_client and edit something in there to enable it, there is one to download somewhere on here cuz i used it and ever since i have it working, i forgot what line they edited tho but i think it might come with the cmdprocessor download or the freeroam script