[HELP] [SOLVED] Change esx_vehicleshop plate format

I want my esx_vehicle shop to give players cars with the plate like: “00XXX000” insted of “XXX 000”.
Can anybody help me on how to do it?

I’m using this resource:

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

I have modified it,

Check it out.

Let me know if you get any issues.

It works as espected. Thank you! can you please resume what have you changed?


In the config.lua file I added “Config.PlateNumbers1 = 2”
and ofcourse you didnt want to use spacing so we set that false meaning a section of code would be used to that IF statement.

This is in the utils.lua

Old code:

generatedPlate = string.upper(GetRandomLetter(Config.PlateLetters) … ’ ’ … GetRandomNumber(Config.PlateNumbers))

Newer code:

generatedPlate = string.upper(GetRandomNumber(Config.PlateNumbers1) … GetRandomLetter(Config.PlateLetters) … GetRandomNumber(Config.PlateNumbers))

Need anything else hit me up

marked as solution! i hope this help someone else. Thank you for doing it!
edit: it was easier than i thought