[HELP] Removing Animation Menu Keybinding from Controller?

I am trying to remove controller binding for the animation menu, I just replaced this with the french one that I had, but for some reason even after if I erased the isControlJustReleased (0, Keys['X]) the Animation menu still pops up when the controller key is pressed. Any ideas?

-- Key Controls
  while true do

	  if IsControlJustReleased(0, Keys['F3']) then

	  if IsControlJustReleased(0, Keys['X']) then


Because Keys["X"] is meant for keyboard and not controllers (I’m guessing you are using the unnecessary huge table of key binds that ESX has in all scripts for some unnecessary reason).

You have to grab which ever Controls index the X button on the controller corresponds too. I don’t know what it is. Jumping? Selecting? Something along those lines.

See: http://docs.fivem.net/game-references/controls/

I just realized after sending that post that the last part ‘X’ is to cancel emote on keyboard, what I am having a hard with is I see NO other keybinding control options in there besides these two (the F3 and the X) and I have no idea where to go change the controller settings since it is neither in client.lua or server.lua So where else can I look?

The keybinding the brings up the animation is ‘B’ on a Xbox Controller.

I need help with this also

Is there a fix for this