[Help] Prevent player sounds

I’m using the Scorpion trainer as a template to create a server side trainer to replace the lambda menu. While invisible we can still hear a player walking around and I would like to add a toggle, like the Lambda ‘Silent’, that makes the players footsteps silent.

Does anyone know how to do this? I’ve tried SetPlayerNoiseMultiplier(PlayerId(), 0.0) and StopAudioScenes(). I know there is StopSound(int soundId) function but I’m not sure what soundId correlates to what sound. I tried GetSoundId() to print the current sound but it just increments from 0-99 before constantly returning -1.

did you find the fix for it? im alfter it too cant mute footsteps sound

bump need info too, SetPedAudioFootstepQuiet(PlayerPedId(), (true/false) doesn’t seems too work or i’m using it incorrectly