[HELP] Police "Tablet"

Hi guys,
On one of the servers I saw a “tablet” for the police where it was possible to issue a ticket and put someone in prison.

It’s called “nopixel” and “family rp” and the files are private :wink:

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The files are not really private, because I saw it on the Polish server. I mean something like a tablet in which lspd can issue tickets


That looks like a custom resource. I’ve never seen it anywhere on the forums.

However to make that, all you have to do is create an NUI and edit HTML/CSS/Javascript to make it work.

may be what you are looking for they must have modified the css and other things but keep in mind not all websites will work.

Could you make a tablet for me?

Dasz linka x?

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tablet lspd.rar (401.4 KB)


Can you make it in english please ?