[Help Please] Need help making scripts

https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ltE7QR2-DGI_SIXOzj0fQvykKsJh7blLg9tOKGDQObs/editim Looking for someone who can make the script that are listed in my google docs im the owner of a fivereborn emergency services server that is public we are looking for custom made script that can make a gamemode for essential mode scripts will also be listed below if you are interested in helping please contact CreatCraft Privately at multi-gamingcommunity.enjin.com you should always see me on the site

What is needed on server all essentialsmode scripts

Getting essentialsmode to work properly having people respawn and command to show up
when typed in chat

Els lighting based script if possible

Handsup Script

Police Fire ems and tow jobs

Roles script server admin dev admin mod

Cuffing Script

Jail script

Kick ban script / blacklist

Ai in stores

Proximity chat

Server side trainer that just has clothing options weapon options and car options

Player blips to show when near you

Speed script that puts car into a certain speed

Money system and homes



Car shop

Server side turn signals

Police computer / mdt

Civillian jobs

Speed radar

Login script

Panic button

Rappel mod for police helicopter

Good luck getting all this for free. Quite a few of the things you listed have already been made.

He never mentioned wanting them for free.