[HELP] Pick a random location

[[SOLVED]] :white_check_mark:

Problem solved :smiley:

maybe like this

local locations = {
{x= 361.8223,y= -321.4808,z= 46.7302, h= 240.94449},
{x= 355.2923,y= -347.156,z= 46.66882, h= 161.5748},
{x= 378.5011,y= -374.0439,z= 46.92163, h= 334.4882},
{x= 432.9495,y= -327.0593,z= 47.17432, h= 155.9055},

function startdinero()
local pos = locations[math.random(1, #locations)]

blip = AddBlipForCoord(pos.x, pos.y, pos.z) 
SetBlipSprite(blip, true) 
SetBlipRoute(blip, true) 


Thanks for the help!! somehow I made it work with another method