[HELP] Permission or Whitelist for cops?

Hello, (i’m french guy, i use Google Translate)

I use es_roleplay, and when someone joins the server, it is just typing the command /job police ID to become a policeman. I would like to know if it is possible with es_roleplay to set permissions or a whitelist for the font?

Anyone can help me ? Thank’s :smiley:

I’d suggest using [Release] Cops FiveM it’s more up to date and has tons more features.

Yes but it works with es_freeroam, as well as with jobs-system which also works with es_freeroam. And I want to stay on es_roleplay. Maybe I can make it work with es_roleplay, why not. It is true that these resources are better. But I do not know much about it, and I would have a hard time doing a line of code myself. :confused: