[Help] Onesync - scoreboard issues

i use ice line hosting, does it automatically come with onesync ? and could someone give me a brief on what it does, i only ask because when me a friends go to far from each other we end up not seeing each other on the scoreboard and says we have left until we get into each others areas.

What’s your server IP/listing ID?

to connect ?

That is the normal behaviour of Onesync Infinity, it only load on your client players that are in your bubble (i don’t know the exact range and it’s kind of more complex than a simple number but something like 500m from your ped)

It’s use to optimize client/server and is very effective, but that also means that your way of getting all players on your scoreboard won’t work from your client side script because GET_ACTIVE_PLAYERS will only return people from your “bubble”.

if you want to adapt your scoreboard to work on Infinity, you need to ask the server, to do it you will need a server script that will get players, it’s very simple, do something like:
TriggerServerEvent(“scoreboard:getPlayerList”), inside of the event get the list using GetPlayers() and then send it to your client.

if you need help don’t hesitate i’ll help you as soon as i’m available :wink:

Hi thank you for replying, where would i locate exactly to put this ?

As i said, in your client script where you get the player list using GetActivePlayers (or the old player loop system) do a TriggerServerEvent(“whatever:getPlayerList”), in your server create this event and inside do a very simple GetPlayers() i can’t tell you more because i don’t know what you want to do with it, then send it back to the client using TriggerClientEvent(“whatever:setPlayerList”, source, theList)

is there any way we can talk instead of fivem ? might help with the issues a little more