[HELP] No chat pop up when pressing enter without typing

So currently when you press T to type and decide not to type anything or erase what you were typing and just press enter it pops up as you typed but shows nothing. The only thing I’ve seen is hitting Escape if you want to cancel it. Is there a way to have it so if you open chat and press enter without typing anything it would cancel the typing instead of showing “Player” and the message being blank?

Does that make sense? It’s hard to put in words

You can code it in yourself.

if message == "" then

or something along those lines

perfect, I had something along those lines but it was not working. I will try it when I get home, thank you!

I’m trying it in the chat_client that is the correct place?
If so it’s not working

AddEventHandler('chatMessage', function(source, n, message) if message == "" then CancelEvent() end end)
Add this to the server script of one of your resources.

I got this to work now that I have EssentialMode, it overrides the other chat system and the code worked. :slight_smile: