[HELP] New game mode idea or possible with current fivem content?

cops v bikers (obv a working title but it gives you a good idea)

-on spawn each player would pick 1 of 4 motorcycle gang and spawn in at their respective “home base”
-for first spawns they would pick their gender, each gender would have a preset skin
-cops via whitelist
-gang ranks via whitelist?
-map out the inside of the motorcycle club from gta online, after its mapped, place the original and then place 3 others across the map. ( not necessary but would extremely add to the rp/spawn location )
-basic things that are already fivem content like money, inventory, jobs, banks, robberies, etc

if a dev is willing to create this
please pm me, my community and I would be more than happy to hear from you =D

For sure. I think there’s already a cops vs robbers game mode. Check the releases, fairly sure I’ve seen something close to that. But very doable.

def not what im looking for, ty tho.

drift gamemode like need for speed
and leaderboard
raceing drift
the most score the winner