[Help needed] Broken Lights

Hello FiveM users, modders, staff and devloppers.

I am seeing broken lights on vehicles. Somes of lights doesn’t “bloom” or does not light anything. Somes are more broken because they are white from the back of the car. Some just don’t have the good light dots pattern, and the red dots pattern too. Somes just take the whole screen. And sometime, I get flashbanged depends on wich vehicles I drive.

The thing is my pack is very very heavy. So I have to check all files. There is any way to fast check if something wrong in configs ? Tried grepWin but hard to know.

I don’t have any emergency light problem thu.

Not english, excuse me for that.


Can I get any help please?

Open the entire vehicles folder in Visual Studio Code and use the “Find in Files” option.

client.lua (963 Bytes)
fxmanifest.lua (165 Bytes)
README.md (863 Bytes)
visualsettings.dat (3.3 KB)

You remove this

Hello again,

Since this was an old vehicle pack including unauthorized vehicles, I removed all non lore friendly vehicles.

Now, it’s work fine.

Something was wrong with one of the data files.