[Help] Need help showing the Waypoint route even on foot

Can anyone help me find a script or a native that allows the purple waypoint route thingy to always appear even on foot , thanks in advance.

Which script are you using for preview status?

I’m using VenomXNL’s Animal Ride Script , i wanna make it so that when i get on the deer , the gps route shows up.

Sorry but that’s nearly (if not completely) impossible when not overriding the internal game ‘state detection’. Because GPS etc is activated when the player state is marked as driver (simply put) of certain vehicles.

So for this you would need to make the game think that the animals that can be mounted are vehicles. Not sure IF it can be done, and if it can be done, i definitly don’t know how :wink:

But then again: I haven’t scripted for a LOOOOOONNNNGGG time on FiveM and nor am I currently planning to ever get back to FiveM (due to lack of time), so it MIGHT be possible that the new servers like OneSync do have an option/override like this, but personally I highly doubt that to be honest.

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