Help my server post was flagged? Moderator/admin attention please

Hi if your a moderator, or admin on here, please can you explain to me, why my post is hidden and is flagged? I personally don’t see anything wrong with it?


It was flagged for spam. Read the server bazaar rules regarding bumping topics. (Pinned topic)

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Read the server bazaar rules.

comments being ‘bump bump bump’ posts all posted the same day. This is considered spam and can have a negative impact on your topic.

Please be sure to read them, it’s pinned

how is it spam though? All I put was bump I not done it in ages? Oh I see your point, but it was hidden before I even put bump, this is what im saying.

no? you commented ‘bump’ and that post was flagged, and it was hidden because the flag was handled as ‘agree flag + hide comment’.

ah I see ok can u remove that then and post my think back up. Thanks. Just that I notice loads of others bumping there ones, they don’t get picked up on it.

If you see a problem, flag it. That’s what the community is for. We can’t check all the new posts created every day, there are way too many posts for that.

Your topic was never un-listed so it’s still up. Only the comment was hidden.

Ok thank you for your support though. I will check the rules in future. You may delete this topic now.