[HELP] My Police Lights Dont Work

Hi so I’ve been modding my FiveM Server for a couple of weeks now to the point where I finally needed new police cars so I went out and found some. I’ve got them in-game but their lights don’t work only the tail lights do. Can someone tell me exactly what I have to do to fix this, please!!

Please make sure that, if you’re not using ELS, you’re only taking the vehicles marked as “Non-ELS” - vehicles made for ELS will not have their lights if you don’t run ELS as a resource. And no, you cannot have both.

Wait so I have to run ELS as a resource in like Server.cfg??

Hi there!
Yes you need the ELS resource to let all the lights work. If you can’t find any, i got some for you. (Please watch or read the tutorials first to know what you’re doing)


(You need ELS compatible vehicles to run the resource!)

Let me know if it works!