[HELP] My Job System timer is not working!

My job system i am developing uses a timer for the amount of time = the more money you make. The timer dosen’t seem to work. After five minutes it won’t change to five minutes on the timer.



I’m hoping people can help me with this!

Either put this on pastebin or fix the formatting, because the way it’s done now is totally illegible.

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See example with emergency for your timer

what do you mean? If you’re saying look at another job system, I can’t find one…

This script is using a good timer system

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Nothing seems to be working. It still won’t update. Even using the threads that emergency uses, it won’t work

However in emergency, it’s working so you probably have made a mistake somewhere

I’ve changed up the code, it was right. I can’t go with a timer; it works without it. The if statements are fine.

There’s an other example : [Release] My version of es_robberies [updated]