Help money loss for killing

hello everyone im looking for any info how to make script or something to loose money after u kill a human in server like a amount of 1000 or something like that that prevents of killing people in my server but i just cant find any info im not a scripter or something … Please help me im using esx

Ant help please?
To take money from bank account from the killer

are you using esx ?? if you are lookin in your esx_ambulancejob for this

Config.RemoveWeaponsAfterRPDeath  = true
Config.RemoveCashAfterRPDeath     = true
Config.RemoveItemsAfterRPDeath    = true

just make sure there set to true

No no mate im looking to put like a fine for the killer not for the dead player that the killer looses money from bank account.

that be imposable as it would have to read who shot the gun and if the other person is dead at the same time… im saying it impossable but im not a script maker… so this may be possable lol

anyways good luck with this

same here gary but this may be possible for people that understands code … i dont so yea lol hope you find a answer soon my dude :slight_smile:

That’s a very weird way of handling the issue you are having. Why not just disable playerdamage altogether, then?

Na i want players to kill eachother but i want that players kill eachother for a reason because i did that they can loot bodies and if there will be no fine for killing every new players without guns gonna have bad times im looking for start system like on samp but its even harder so the best thing is just to make fines for killing…