[HELP] menu + hunger and thirst plz help me

Hello i come to you to ask you for help i buy a script from a forum person and it rip me off because the scipt does not work or its not complete … (i can give his speudo) so i have a menu F5 with animation, phone, card of indentiter, …) and it sold to me a script for the hunger and the thirst but that does not work either … of the people could help me? If so and everything works I would share it with everyone with pleasure.

Tell me if I should post them here or deprive them

I’m using google translation

Thank you in advance !

You shouldn’t be buying scripts.

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Yes but I can not find it is file then this person enjoys it …

hey Shun you speak french? add me on skype bybloods69

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Yes I added you :slight_smile:

oui je vous ai rajouter

Well If you want , I can help you with the script :smiley: I won’t ask you anything against that help :kappa:

Discord : Phenixian#6495 or skype : Galardowyn

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je tien a dire que @Vulverine se fait passer pour un mec qui si connais en script … fait genre de vouloir aider les gens mais il vole juste les script & ne fait rien d autre !!! il sais même pas mètre le fichier menu sur sa marche & harcèle les gens pour lui dire … a se moment la vous avez tout compris … une fois quille a été griller il vous insulte puis vous supprime je veux juste te dire gamin que du menu tu pourra rien n en faire :slight_smile: fête attention a se petit rigolo

I yours has to say that @Vulverine is been thought of as a guy who if know in script … pretended to want to help people but he just steals script and does nothing d other!!! He know the same step measure the slim file on its walking and harasses people to tell him … has moment her you understood everything … Once skittle was to roast he offends you then deletes you I just want to tell you kid whom of the kept silent menu can nothing n make for it:) celebrate attention has funny young

sry bad anglais