Help meeeee pleaseee

this is the problem and the files of my gta v

are you able to play GTA5 online? it dont make any sense that you dont got a GTA5.exe but i still need to see your citizenfx.ini file

im able to play gta5 online but i dont find citizenfx.ini file in gta v file folder or five m file folder so where can i find it ?

its inside of your FiveM Application Data folder.

i still didin`t find it

theres only citinzenGame.dll and more with dll no ini

post a screenshot of your FiveM folder… infact could you just fill out the support template.

Go to your FiveM Application Data folder look for file name ‘CitizenFX.ini’ Open it and it should say

if not change it to this.

If that doesn’t work go to ‘C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\Grand Theft Auto V’ and change playGTAV.exe to GTA5.exe

Where can i find citizenFx.ini there is more 4folders for me its Crashes , Citizen , Cache and Bin

Its a File inside Fivem application data image

There`s no citizen.ini for me so what do i do and what fivem do i install ??

can you send me citzenfx.ini file so i can install it ?

we can not assist you without you filling out the whole support template.

fill out the whole thing including the bottom portion where it says “if fivem can not start”.

okey so my problem is fiveM can`t find my Gta5.exe and there is no citizenFx.ini for me

i dont think you understand, we need more information so i linked you the support template as we NEED the information… all of it.

but this is all the information

No, there is a support template as posted again above mine that you need to add to your original topic and answer ALL the questions otherwise there isnt much we can do for you.

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