Help Me plz Thankyou VeryMuch and Peace THE WORLD

MySQL WARNING error Why anyone can help me T-T

Use the proper connection info for your mysql server in your server.cfg.

I’m more worried about some other state showing in this person’s server console…

Please, save yourself a lot of trouble and don’t try to make a server based on such weird ‘base’ packages. These are often filled with malicious software that’ll ‘destroy’ your server at random people’s whim.

thx so much sir i can addfriend to you plz help meplz

did you mean this one brother?

set mysql_connection_string “server=;database=essentialmode;userid=root;password=”
set es_enableCustomData 1

Yes. If that’s your actual database information and the connection is being refused, MySQL is not responding on localhost(the same machine the game server is running on).

If the connection isn’t correct, fix it. If it is correct, find out why the MySQL server is refusing connections.