Help me fast please :/

my cpu usage is %10 and i’am claiming this error

my dedicated specs: 2x x5670 96gb ram 3x-500gb ssd raid 5

when i have +20 players i’am claiming this error please help me :frowning:

i’am looking resource monitor and windows performance analyzer do not have problem how i can fix it this problem?

You mean the server hitch warnings?

yea and i’am living +30 players after +1000 ping problem
i’am making firewall - ddos protection in turkey and i’am looking do not have ddos problem and i’am accesing remote desktop on +1000 ping in players

You running on good hardware? e.g. ssd and good amount of ram as they are the most necessary components for this.

yea i’am running good hardware this is dedicated serevr
why i’am living this i dont know

my ping:

my resource monitor

+1000 pings…

cpu status


It could be the onesync still being unstable, especially since it’s 128 server.
Not to sure how to fix it’s really weird as only some people experience this lag.

How much players do you have on average? You could maybe downgrade to 64 slots unless there are that much players for 128.

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my server slot is 128

if server online players +30 starting +1000 ms lags

+++ problem persists

The hitch warning is probably a badly performing resource or the connect in the server isn’t good enough. I fixed mine by taking every resource out 1 by 1 and seeing if it stopped

yea but my sevrer spesifics is enough

i’am opened f8 console and looking resmon 1 and do not have problem

up up

You have 2 scripts overlapping and its causing packet loss

Ah what script names?

im not sure maybe check some of the scripts u have it might be 2 inventory scripts or something else

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my etwtraces