Help me error pls :(((

Hello, I am a new member of FiveReborn. I can see your shared article, I’m having trouble on the error, but I have not been so strong experience should not be fix it, you can help me, okay, please !!!

Error 1 : Error: scriptenvironment:: DointFile:Error creating script for resource freeroam: Unexpected token ‘funtion’. ‘Identifier’ expected.

Error 2 : Game\GameServer.cs(632): Warn: GameServer::HandleReliableCommand: A client tried to send an event of type playerCoordBus, but it was not greenlit for client invocation. You may need to call RegisterServerEvent from your script.

PLASE HELP ME !!! How to FIX :(( , thks so much.


My topic states that i do not help with this.

Did you setup your chat.lua? Otherwise you just need to connect to a mysql db and it would work without problems.