[Help] Marker, NoColision

Hi guys,
I have some questions that can be helpfull for me and others.

  1. Is possible to make DrawMarker text like this:

  2. Is here way to make no-colision zone or make player no-colision

Thanks for answers :slight_smile:

  1. Yes.
  2. Yes.

function Global.SetTextDropShadow()
return _in(0x1CA3E9EAC9D93E5E)

function Global.SetTextFont(p0)
return _in(0x66E0276CC5F6B9DA, p0)

function Global.SetTextOutline()
return _in(0x2513DFB0FB8400FE)

function Global.SetTextScale(p0, size)
return _in(0x07C837F9A01C34C9, p0, size)

function Global.SetTextColour(red, green, blue, alpha)
return _in(0xBE6B23FFA53FB442, red, green, blue, alpha)

That should get you started. Search the natives for SET_TEXT or in citizen/scripting/lua there’s a natives file.

and what do you mean by no collision? with what?

SetEntityNoCollisionEntity(player1, player2, false)

That stops players from colliding, they just go right through each other.

SetPedCanRagdoll(player, false)
SetPedCanRagdollFromPlayerImpact(player, false)
SetPedRagdollOnCollision(player, false)

That stops ragdoll and stuff just sorta bumps you.

Thanks for reply.

I mean colision one player with each other player. I have something like spawn/lobby.

SetEntityNoCollisionEntity(player1, player2, false)

will work.

Anytime a player joins, you have to run through all players and call this for every other player. But that’s not a big deal.

Ok, one more think. Text on screenshot is at DrawMarker not on player screen.

It’s working in same way?