[help] Map Data File

In order to stream meta files into your fivem server, you need a custom resource naming your .meta file, and a data file for example:

data_file ‘VEHICLE_METADATA_FILE’ ‘vehicles.meta’

But what is the data_file name for mapzoomdata.meta?

I tried

data_file ‘MAP_ZOOMDATA_FILE’ ‘mapzoomdata.meta’

But it didn’t work, can somebody help me?

did anyone have an answer to this?

mapzoomdata.meta cannot be added to resources at this point in time. You will need to place it client side in citizen/common/data/ui.

correct, these are all the data files you can stream at the moment.


really wish we could.

Is there some way to do this now that subdirectory streaming is a thing for Element Club? Or do all .meta files have to be done through the usual data files system?

If it has to be done through the data file system, would it be possible to unlock this topic on the subject?

Even if that feature request is denied, I’d like to know more about what einsteinium is talking about with “proper minimap.#dd” because none of the map resources in the releases forum seem to do that and instead use the mapzoomdata.meta

A “”"“fix”""" for this is telling your players to download the file and paste it in a specific folder that I can’t remember, I can tell you which one it is later when i get to my pc, nvm it’s just up there, it’s this one:
if you don’t feel like reading

The problem is it’s rather silly to expect everyone to install this file client side, for a streamed resource, when they can install the entire map client side with the same amount of steps and not have the map be semi-broken before they do so.