[HELP] Liveries Not Working Correctly

Hi I am having an issue with liveries. For the most part the liveries work but for some cars they don’t. And In the Flag, it is enabled to have liveries. I don’t know what do to do get these 2 vehicles to work with liveries. One of them I have 3 spawns for the same model just different lights and the skins work on them except this one. The first image and second is the model and its liveries. The third and fourth is the same model, different spawn and its liveries. I use Lambda for the liveries but I’ve also tried Simple Trainer. Both of them have Flag_Has_Livery in it.



Any help would be appreciated

This is not a technical support issue. moved to: #development:scripts

u may need to adjust the meta…it seems to me that u have few models of the same car in a few places…so try to merge the meta files and put them in the same folder

What about if I also only have one car. Since this is affecting 2 different things, Captain14’s Impala isn’t letting me add another livery.

for the 2 vehicles with 2 different names but them same vehicle you need to create them seperate

How do I merge them? Like what do you mean?

Having the same problem. Some PD cars liveries work while others no liveries show up. How do you merge the meta files?

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