(HELP) Launching Server


When I attempt to launch the run.bat file through linux console…
The following errors come up:
~/FiveReborn]$ bash run.bat
run.bat: line 1: @echo: command not found
run.bat: line 2: start: command not found

Does anyone know how to help me run the server?
I have also Tried to run the CitizenMP Server file and this error comes up:
[~/FiveReborn/bin]$ bash CitizenMP.Server.exe
CitizenMP.Server.exe: CitizenMP.Server.exe: cannot execute binary file

If so, thanks in advanced!

on linux i must launch the server with a other command. The tutorial was posted in the release thread from citizenMP.

How to install mono

-> Execute this command as root: “sudo apt-get install mono-complete”
Running a server on mono

-> Create a new folder anywhere on your computer.
-> Extract the server.7z in the previously created folder.
-> Move everything from the created folder into the bin folder.
-> Go into the bin folder.
-> Execute the command: “mono CitizenMP.Server.exe” without quotes.